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J. Brian Campbell
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1) Mr. Campbell represented me on a speeding ticket for over 100mph and a failure to appear charge. I represented myself on the same charges in Orange County with similar penalties and paid about 1/3 less by hiring Mr. Campbell to represent me in Bakersfield. Saved money and didn't have to drive to the boonies. Highly recommended! Very good man and would recommend to all. Jason

2) I don't have a lot of experience with courts or lawyers. When I found myself having a felony and prison time hanging over my head - I'd never been to jail or prison and was scared!!!!! A friend suggested I call J. Brian Campbell and he did his best to set my mind at ease right from our first conversation. Then he worked over and above my expectations and after a couple of court dates the charges were dropped and I walked away a free man.

WOW - what a releif. THANK YOU J. BRIAN CAMPBELL. Wyatt

3) I retained the services of Mr. Campbell in June, 2009. I was arrested for UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF METH back in 2003. I live out of state in KY. Mr. Campbell agreed to take this case. He also allowed me to pay half down and the rest on monthly payments. The payments were kept low so I could manage my home bills! That was a huge advantage for me to be able to comfortably make my obligations of mortgage, electric and phone bills as well as keep food on the table. I believe Mr. Campbell said he could get this reduced to a disturbing the peace charge. Mr. Campbell also mentioned I would not have to show up for my initial court appearances. I never did show up for for a court appearance. In July 2009 Mr. Campbell called to say the charges were dismissed. WOW. That was worth every penney I spent. DISMISSAL...and no drug court! I have full trust in J. Brian Campbell...that is a first for any attorney of mine! I feel as though I were the only client of Mr. Campbell's as he was totally committed to me and my phone calls. He took each and every call of mine! Another first. I highly recommend this attorney. Outstanding results. Charges dismissed! The best words out of the Judge's mouth are? Charges dismissed! Now I can return to California without any hassles! M.

4) I had a radar speeding ticket for 116 MPH and Mr. Campbell got it reduced to speeding over 70 and reduced the fine from $2,000 to only $500!!! He definitely pulled a rabbit out of his his hat and helped me to keep from losing my driver's license! I have used a lot of attorney's for traffic tickets and none have ever been so responsive, helpful and gotten me such a great outcome. You will not be disappointed with the results so if you need a great traffic attorney. Mr. Campbell is who you need! John C.

5) Brian Campbell and his staff did a wonderful job for us. During our consultation, he explained what my husband was looking at (jail time, fines, points on his license, etc.). He told us what he could do for us, allowing us to not miss work or go through the stress of the courtroom experience. The outcome was very good considering what it could have been. Brian actually got us a better outcome than what he had said in our consultation. His staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgable as well. His price was very reasonable and he even let us pay in installments. Though I never want to have an attorney again, if I did, it would absolutely be Brian Campbell. Michael and Jennifer.

6) Brian Campbell has been my attorney for several years and represented me in several cases. He is exceedingly knowledgeable, an excellent negotiator and in my estimation a very good lawyer. He takes his work very seriously and serves his clients well. He keeps you informed and provides you with information needed to make the best decisions. I would recommend him highly. Leon

7) I was apprehensive choosing an attorney. I had very serious charges. When I first spoke with Mr. Campbell, he was quick to put me at ease. He explained the legal implications of the situation, the possible outcomes, and what he would try to do for me. He was incredibly knowledgable about my situation. Mr. Campbell and his staff were friendly and courteous at all times. They verbally went over each letter they sent, making sure I fully understood, clearing up any questions I had. He went to court for me and I did not have to disrupt my life driving back and forth to court. In the end, verbally and in writing, all terms and conditions of my situation were explained to me in great detail. The results he obtained were amazing. His office even worked out a payment schedule that I could afford. My case was three years long from the start, through my probation, and the dismissal of my case. Mr. Campbell really cares about his clients and showed concern about my life. I could not have chosen a better man for the job. I hope I never need another attorney, but if I do, I know who to call. Michael

8) I got a traffic ticket in california. My residence adres is in N.J. I understood that it will be almost impossible to appear in the court for the date I had in my ticket. I called to the Court and postponed my appearing date and started making some research online and found th phone number for the Law Office who could handle my case. I called and explained my situation. I got right away an explanation of what could happen and what ARE my choices. All paperwork was sent by email. Lawyer kept me informed about the new date and on the date of the Court I got a phone call that the case was dismissed. THANK YOU - you saved a lot of my energy and money. Yefim

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