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J. Brian Campbell

Read our reviews. We get real results for real people. More than 90% of our cases are resolved with lesser charges or no points. We go the extra mile to get the best results for each and every client.


In the last several years, Mr. Campbell has sucessfully saved the Driver's Licenses of three commercial drivers charged with Driving Under the Influence.

In two of the cases, DMV suspension hearing resulted in a Set-Aside of the Administrative Suspension of the Driver's Licenses permitting plea to lesser charges in the criminal cases and completely avoiding any interruption of CDL priviledges.

In the other matter, the DMV upheld the Administrative Suspension on a driver with a .09 blood alcohol. The matter was set for trial. At the time of trial, upon being faced with a likely acquittal on a rising alcohol defense, the District Attorney and the Court agreed to resolution of the case for a disturbing the peace charge and an acquittal on the Driving Under the Influence charge. The acquittal allowed for a demand to the DMV to set aside the suspension which was granted.


Mr. Campbell was appointed by the court to defend him against vehicular manslaughter charges. After numerous interviews and a reconstuction of the scene of the accident, we were able to prove our case. The facts showed that the trucker who was driving into Needles to get food at a rest stop could not have seen the young male drifter who was caught by the rear wheels of the truck as the trucker turned onto the ramp. We demonstrated that there was nothing that the driver could have done to prevent that tragic accident.

The homicide charge was ultimately dismissed, thanks to the efforts and excellent representation of Mr. Campbell.


After a five day jury trial in Needles, CA, defendant was found not guilty of all charges including domestic violence.

After a five day jury trial in Blythe, CA, defendant was found not guilty of all charges including domestic violence, assault, and brandinshing a weapon.

After four months of negotiation with the District Attorney in Fontana, CA, the defendant, originally charged with resisting, delaying, obstructing an officer, and battery and offered jail time had his charges reduced to disturbing the peace with the more serious misdemeanor charges dismissed and no jail time.


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